5 Ways to Make Money with Your Tech Blog

5 Ways to Make Money with Your Tech Blog by Sparkworld Enterprises

5 Ways to Make Money with Your Tech Blog

If you already have a blog, here are simple ways on how to monetize it.

We've divided this thread into 5 sections, ordered by difficulty:

- Affiliate Marketing

- Write for other platforms

- Find Sponsors

- Web Advocacy.

- Advertising.

1. Affiliate Marketing
As a tech blogger, wouldn't be awesome to make money every time someone buys a resource you shared?
You can share a link to paid resources, getting back a percentage of the total cost whenever a user makes a purchase.
1.1 How to find affiliate products
There are a lot of affiliate platforms,  where you can get your affiliate links:
- Rakuten -> Udemy, Skillshare
- Gumroad -> Indie products
- Amazon -> eBooks, etc
- CJ -> All things electronics
To start selling, you just need to signup.

2. Write for Other Platforms.
There are hundreds of tech platforms and companies ready to pay for your tech and copywriting skills
Some will give you a topic, others will buy pre-written articles if relevant
You'll get around $350/article on average
Let's see the best platforms
2.1. Platforms that Pays for Technical Articles
- Clubhouse.io -> $450 to $600
- Twilio.com -> $500
- Vinage.com -> $500
- draft.dev -> $200 to $400
- Auth0.com -> $300
- Testdriven.io -> $500
- Hasura.io -> $300

3. Find Sponsors
Once your blog will get some visibility, start reaching out to companies, offering your services.
- Write periodical articles for them
- Insert products in articles when relevant
- Add a banner, or their name in a visible place
How do you contact companies?
3.1 Learn how to Find customers.
Contacting potential customers is always a pain in the neck.

4. Become a Dev Advocate
Another great way to monetize your content creation skills is by becoming a dev advocate.
The job of a web advocate is to connect a company with its user base, creating content, guides, while interacting with users and growing a community.
4.1 What Does a dev advocate do?
They create content, guides, around a service or a tool, speak with users, and help them solve small issues.
You will focus on creating content to educate about a given product or company and will get paid for it.
4.2 How to become a dev advocate?
You have two possibilities:
- A company contacts you
- Educate your customers about this possibility, you will be surprised by the responses.
As said, this is a new concept, and companies might not even be aware of this opportunity.

5. Advertise On your Blog
Plain advertisement, unfortunately, is not as much lucrative as it was yesterday, especially for small to medium websites.
It consists in inserting ADS in specifically designated spaces on your website. 
You make money based on impressions or clicks.
5.1 How to start advertising on your blog
There are countless ADS services out there, my favorites are:
- Google ADS 
- Carbon ADS
You'll just need to subscribe and go through a short setup wizard, after that you'll be good to go.
But which one should you choose?
5.2 Best ADS Provider for Tech Blogs
When it comes to ADS, you must keep them extremely relevant to your audience.
Carbon ADS is probably the best solution for Tech Blogs, as it serves ADS specifically tailored for:
- Developers,
- Designers.
It pays based on impressions.

Tech writing and blogging in 2021 are a real gold mine. 
Building an online presence, sharing resources and guides, will not only prove your domain knowledge to potential recruiters but will open countless jobs opportunities.
You just need to do it long enough.

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