How to Pick a Domain Name

How to Pick a Domain Name by Sparkworld Enterprises

How to Pick a Domain Name

Since you're ready to get started with your website you have to choose a domain name, here are three things to remember choosing a domain name.

1. Always think like a visitor

Consider the keywords phrases and words that are relevant to your niche. To help express the ideas you have for your website your domain name should always be an accurate presentation of your brand or business.

If you are a fashion blogger and your domain name is that's not a representation of your brand and will likely confuse visitors who are coming to the site looking for cookies and cake.

For a fashion brand, you could do

2.  be sure you choose the right extension also known as a TLD 

Your TLD is the DOT whatever that follows the name you choose that can be blog DOT COM (.com) DOT NET (.net) DOT CO KE ( and hundreds more again we want to minimize the confusion so don't choose DOT EDU (.edu) for your fashion blog it just doesn't make sense 

3.  you want your domain name to be memorable 

You can achieve this by picking out key characteristics that will make it short recognizable and easy to pronounce about six to fourteen characters is the ideal length.

You should avoid numbers when possible long names are hard to remember and can leave visitors guessing what your website is called instead of actually spending time on your site.

Rome wasn't built in a day and you don't have to have your whole website is ready to go tomorrow but you do need to make sure the domain name you choose reflects what you plan to share or sell on your website.

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