Is Flutterwave Payment Gateway Changing how we work in Africa?

Is Flutterwave Payment Gateway Changing how we work in Africa? by Sparkworld Enterprises

Is Flutterwave Payment Gateway Changing how we work in Africa?

For every growing business may it be small, medium or large enterprises all need a way to receive and send payments seamlessly and fast while reconciling their finances?

For the longest time we - in Africa - relied on imported platforms like PayPal which only receives transactions in dollars but here Comes FlutterWave which makes it easy to receive payments in your preferred currency.

Flutterwave was founded in 2016 now supports over 150 currencies and Serves your customers anywhere. Web, Mobile, Android, and iOS.

It has accelerated its growth since the introduction of CRM, custom links to receive payments, create a shop, and a plug-and-play API support to integrate into your website.

As a business, you need to have an active bank account and to be able to receive settlements from payments received from the previous day.

The payments are real-time, with a copy of email notification to both customer and merchant (business).

Top Features

- Invoicing

You can create and send an invoice directly from the Flutterwave system to your customer to claim your payment.

- Donation Link

Flutterwave has an allowance to create a payment landing page to request for support for different types of donations - API integration It's so easy to modify the codes from FlutterWave to suit your web app, mobile app, or eCommerce website. It supports multiple web and app scripting/programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, and more

- Multicurrency support

Unlike most of payments platforms where they support only 1 Currency and disadvantage most business because of the exchange rate.

- Referral program

It helps businesses make more money if you recruit new users to the platform the business is entitled 0.1% of the transaction.

- E-Wallet & Multi-payment platform support

Flutterwave support E-wallet and other payment platforms from direct Mobile Payments and Card support systems - VISA, Mastercard, and Valve.

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