Softwares You Need to Build a Website

We will help you choose the best tool in developing your first website - from Editing your webpages, Viewing your website, and uploading to a live web server to be access

Softwares You Need to Build a Website


In web development, you need software to help you in the execution of your code and testing functions for your website. We will give a guide on what software to use to start and their respective links.

The tools will help in

  • Creating and Editing the webpages
  • View your webpages
  • Upload your webpage to a webserver

Most of Operating systems have default Text Editor but we need third party software for better editing and following programming syntax

Creating and editing webpages

To create and edit a website, you need a text editor.

All operating systems accompany a basic text editor. These editors need unique highlights for page coding. In the event that you need something somewhat fancier, there are a lot of third-party editors accessible. third-party editors regularly accompany additional highlights, including sentence structure shading, auto-completion, collapsible areas, and code search.

Available Editors:

Operating System 

Windows OS - Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Web Storm, Brackets, ShiftEdit, Sublime Text

Mac - TextEdit, TextWrangler, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, ShiftEdit, Sublime Text

Linux - Vi (All UNIX), GEdit (Gnome), Kate (KDE), LeafPad (Xfce), Emacs, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, ShiftEdit,Sublime Text

Upload your webpage to a webserver

At the point when your site is ready for public viewing, you'll need to transfer your website pages to your web server. You can purchase space on a server from different service providers.

When you choose which service provider to help you in setting up, you will be provided with a username, password, and Control panel links. For you tob able to upload webpages on the server you need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Softwares for the process to be fast.

Here a list of FTP softwares

Operating system FTP software Windows WinSCP Moba Xterm FileZilla (All OS) Linux Nautilus/Files (Gnome) Dolphin (KDE) Mac OS Cyberduck Chrome OS ShiftEdit (All OS)

Browsing websites

For you to pull the designed website fro the server, you are provided with a unique URL. We use browser and browser technologies and support of web design elements may vary it is always advisable to test your web pages with different web browsers because there are no recommended browsers to use but its personal choice.

Top Major browsers include

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Apple Safari

In Conclusion

Depending on the OS you are using choose the Softwares you are comfortable to work with in the process of creating your first webpages

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