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Ecomark Africa

The EMA has established a recognition system for sustainability standards which functions as a quality assurance mechanism. A set of threshold criteria has been defined including ecological, social and climate-relevant requirements as well as credible implementation mechanisms. National and international standards systems fulfilling these requirements will be able to use the EMA label. Using this recognition system, EMA will encourage standards systems to address climate-relevant issues such as product carbon footprints or carbon offsetting schemes, which have often not yet been tackled adequately by existing standards systems. Furthermore, regional and sectoral up-scaling activities of existing standards in Africa will be facilitated. The use of one common label awarded on the basis of clear threshold criteria combines high credibility with the value of African brand recognition. This will improve the image of sustainable African products and thereby foster their trading and marketing opportunities. Creating synergies through reduced marketing expenditure and certification costs, EMA will foster the cooperation of different voluntary ecological and social standards. For the consumer, the approach means enhanced transparency while at the same time maintaining the benefits of competition among the standard initiatives.

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